Contamporary Serif Typeface
Ergilo is a contemporary interpretation of an »Old Style« Geralde created for usage in long text passages.

For Ergilo has a proportional higher x-height and a moderate contrast in the glyph widths it is an economic alternative to »Old Style« Geralde typefaces.

Styles and weights
Ergilo comes up with twelve styles whereas the smallcaps are seperate font styles:
— — —
• Book
• Book Italic
• Roman
• Roman Italic
• Bold
• Bold Italic
• Smallcaps Book
• Smallcaps Book Italic
• Smallcaps Roman
• Smallcaps Roman Italic
• Smallcaps Bold
• Smallcaps Bold Italic
There are two slightly different text-weights (Book and Roman) to achieve a lighter or a darker appearance …


Figures, Currency Symbols, Style Specificity
4 Figure sets are implemented
in the fontfamily:
— — —
In the »normal« styles:
• Tabular caps (lining) figures
 which are tabular over the whole
 range of styles and weights —
 including the smallcaps
• Proportional caps (lining) Figures
— — —
In the »smallcaps« styles:
• Tabular old style figures
 which are tabular over the whole
 range of styles and weights
• Proportional old style figures
Currency and math. symbols are also set to the tabular width along all weights and styles.
Image Right — Bottom: In the small caps styles Currencies, Parens, Braces etc. are set to the smallcaps height.


Uesful (functional) set of ligatures in all »normal« upright and italic styles …