Gedau Gothic
OpenType Format sets
Gedau Gothic offers four flavours,
accessable via OpenType stylesets …
On the right you can find the different
glyphs in the four stylistic sets:
— — —
• Set 03 (the purest version)
• Default styleset
• Set 01 (more »gothic« style)
• Set 02 (the »pseudomono« styleset)
The appearance in text sizes looks very different in the varying OT-styles …
Styles and weights
Gedau Gothic comes up with six weights, upright and oblique styles (image on the right shows the format-sets 01 and 02 activated in the upright styles and the format-set 03 activated in the oblique styles):
— — —
• Light
• Light Oblique
• Book
• Book Oblique
• Roman
• Roman Oblique
• Medium
• Medium Oblique
• Bold
• Bold Oblique
• Black
• Black Oblique
There are two slightly different text-weights (Book and Roman) to achieve a lighter or a darker appearance …
2 Figure sets are implemented
in the fontfamily:
— — —
• Proportional Caps (Lining) Figures
• Tabular Caps (Lining) Figures,
 which are tabular over the whole
 range of styles and weights
Currency and math. symbols are also set to the tabular width along all the weights ansd styles.